Navigating the Crowdfunding Landscape

CGA accomplishes its mission by:

  • Provide entrepreneurs with an environment where they can both test their concepts and recruit early seed funding directly from the market;
  • Provide international scale of professional support to entrepreneurs on how to make, launch and run successful crowdfunding campaigns;
  • Provide superior backer/contributor/investor relations solutions to those pledging in campaigns via our alliances, both in terms of pre- and post-pledging services; and
  • Work at a regional level by opening up opportunities for backers/contributors/investors to back/contribute to/invest in entrepreneurs across the globe, as well as allow entrepreneurs into potential backers and investors across the globe.
Crowdfunding Global Alliance Inc (“CGA”), is A NON-PROFIT corporation made up of key players in the global crowdfunding scene and volunteers committed to developing ever more crowdfunding friendly regions, while empowering and facilitating entrepreneurial growth. CGA firmly believes that alternative investment platforms can increase access to finance thereby improve both social and economic outcomes.